A  L  I  C  E    A  D  A  M  S

“L’Ange sur la ville”


“Resurrection”  (1956)

3’5” w. x 2’6” h;

cotton warp, wool, silk, jute

Collection of Museum of Art and Design, New York City

“Tapestry with rope and



“Tapestry with Mop” 


“Red Form”




“Craft Horizons” article with “Yankee Doodle” hanging (1962) and photo of the artist from New Tapestry Show,

Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC


“Striped Figure”


“The Andes”


“Pink Circle”


“The Alps”




“Tapestry for a Sunlit Wall”  (1961)

6’6” w. x 2’8” h.

cotton, wool, linen, hemp

Collection: Enid Rubin, NYC

“Blue Figure”


“Mountain Pass” 


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